Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's been awhile

Well fans it has been a bit of time so I will get ya up to date. Way back when we had a little race at big bear, Wvmba #2. Had some pretty good conditions and the course was a bit different. The cooler weather was a welcome relief compared to Mountwood. Everything was going pretty well for myself till I decided to take a wrong turn for a bit, hehehe. Just perhaps I will stop doing this sooner then later. Was a big turn out so the brothers Row didn't do to bad. J got 4th and myself 6th. I was pretty pleased with this, but had plenty of room to get it together. Next up was Tour de lake, Wvmba #4.
Once again it was HOT HOT HOT. Had a much smaller turn out. The start went well for the brothers. Got up the hill 1, 2 and without hast took wrong turns, lol. I recall doing something very close to that in the last race. At any rate we finally got it together and worked our way to the front. I must say Nate I was looking for you. I got 1st and J took 2nd. All and all not to shabby.
Look for J at the up coming 2 x 12 at big bear and wish him luck with Cassie Smith. I'll try and have a timely update for that one.

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