Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Almost Race Time

Only a few more weeks until the first race of the year. Things have been gearing up here at MoTown Velo. Now that the permafrost is gone and the days are longer we've been able to get out and ride some trails. Been out to White Park a few time and of course Bakers Ridge. The Thursday Night'r is in full where is everyone else, there's been poor turn out thus far. Here are a few action photos.

Jeremy has total lost his mind and is now riding a fixed gear mountain bike. But of course he makes it look easy, he makes me sick. Though he has had a couple nice spills.....sorry for laughing buddy.

Everyone is getting there rigs geared up for the start of the season. There's been some pimp'n upgrades made and some completely new hotness arrived. Here is just a taste of what's going on.......

Lastly, the new team kits have arrived. I think they look real nice. Look at this handsome model showing off his new duds. Sorry ladies, he's spoken for ;o)

Hope everyone is out enjoying the better weather and surprisingly good trail conditions.
See ya at the races,