Monday, May 17, 2010

Double the Fun

It was a busy weekend for Motown Velo. It started out with Jeremy and Zack heading east to Rocky Gap, MD for the 9 hours of Cranky Monkey. There was some tough competition with some fast guys from D.C. Big J and Z were able to pull out a 2nd place in the Male Duo class. Nicely done boys.
But 9 hours and 60 miles each of racing wasn't enough for those guys so on Sunday the team headed west for a OMBC race, The Wilds. Jermey, Zack, Tim and myself were in for the race action. Zack and Jeremy were pretty gassed from the race on Saturday but man'd up for a lil more suffering.
It turned out to be a great day for race'n with sun and moderate temps. I decided to pull the single speed from the quiver for this race just for the experience of it. This would be my first race on a SS.
It was a good course with 98% single track, lots of twists and turns and rolly. There were no big sustained climbs to speak of and not real technical. Just smooth, fast race'n course. It is a good bit different from most of the courses in the WVMBA series. The technical degree and elevation gain and loss is lower but still a good time. It was cool to check out a new trail system. It's obvious there has been lots of trail work to groom The Wilds trials.
I thought the SS was a good choice for the race. I switched my 20t to an 18t expecting a more rolling terrain. The 18t tooth allowed me to stay on top of it on the rolling/flat parts but still hump it up the short climbs with limited hike-a-bike sections.
My overall impression of my first OMBC race was good. Well put together and the coolest perk.....Beer Van........with free beer.........SWEAT!!!! We'll be back again. Good times.
Weekend Results:
Cranky Monkey 9hr: Jeremy & Zack 2nd Male Duo 4th Overall
The Wilds OMBC #3:
Josh 2nd SS
Jeremy 9th Expert
Tim 6th Sport
Zack 1 expert lap then to beer van for recovery
Great job this weekend team. Next up Tour de Lake WVMBA #4.
Check out the pics of OMBC site and Cranky monkey site.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mountwood Race Recap (AKA mudwood wrestling recap)

So fans the Motown Velo team headed to Mountwood the other weekend for the second race in the WVMBA series and it was sure to be an exciting race full of pleasure. Josh, Stephen and Jeremy rode together in the sport utility neon while Zach and myself headed down in my grandmothers car. We could tell it was going to be a wet one with all the rain falling. Zach and I are hydroplanning the entire way there, but we managed to make it. We arrive and it starts to rain a little harder and I'm thinking I should have changed my tires, but luckily for me Josh has a Mud X he lets me barrow. THANK YOU JOSH!! Zach helps me slip it in and I'm ready to go. All of us head out on the road to do some warming up and it seems that the rain has let off a little. We are all hoping the sun doesn't come out and make it humid and mucky. We gather ouselves at the start line and are ready to race. The expert class heads out and Stephen, Josh and Zach are all together as they head into the woods. Zach is having problems from the beginning with chain suck and still muscles his way to a 9th place finish. Josh and Stephen are racing hard and Josh is hot on Stephens tail, but after Josh fly's over the hill Stephen slips away as he finishes 5th. Josh charges on to Finish 7th. Meanwhile Jeremy is up front chasing a single speeder after he passes Jason Cyr. Jeremy finishes 1st in the expert class and has his first win of the season. Even with all the mud it turns out to be a good day as all four manage a top ten finish. Good job guys.
In the sport class myself and Scott performed well even with the conditions both placing in the top ten as Scott placed 8th and I placing 1st. Scott's brother in law Scott did well also as he placed second in the clydedale. Good job guys!

Thanks to everyone at Mountwood who put on the race. Thanks to RVMBA for keeping the trails up and helping make the race a lot of fun. It was wet and muddy, but the trails are well mantained. The course was well marked and no one had trouble knowing where to go which always makes a race that much more enjoyable. Hope to see everyone at the races!