Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big Bear Recap

Well fans it has been awhile since the last post. I wanted to get the big bear results up before the next race this weekend.

The trails were in amazing condtion for the race, nice and fast. Hehehehe and believe it or not it started to snow. Mylan thanks for the super fast kits. Here are the results.

Jeremy 3rd expert
Stephen 5th expert
Josh 10th expert
Zach 17th expert

Tim 4th sport
Scott 17th sport

Hope to see you this weekend at Mountwood

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mountain Duathlon

One week before the Big Bear race Zach and I decided to to head up to Coopers this past Saturday for the Mountain Duathlon part of the MASS. Turned out to be a nice day as 60 competitors took to the trails. I was too chicken to do the run so I assigned that task to Megan as I just wanted to ride my bike without all that running. Zach was eager to test the running legs after a winters worth of hard training. I was curious as to how I would feel after last weekends road race. Also wanted to check out the new bike as well before the first race to get all the bugs worked out.

As the race started I could see it was going to be a sprint as Zach was out front. Several competitors came to the transition area for the mountain bike and Zach was in 5th and looking strong. Megan came across shortly after and tagged me and off I went. Passing several people on the road side trail I headed down to the furnace and back up. The climb felt pretty good as I passed several more people and headed back to the transition. I tagged Megan andwent to see the carnage at the finsih line. Jason Cyr came across first to take the overall win. Zach came across shortly after to finish 6th overall and 1st in his class 20-29. Megan came acrossed the line not long thereafter as we took second in the relay. It was all in all a good day and a lot of fun. Looking forward to Big Bear and hope to see all of you there.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Morgantown Road Race

First race of the season is under the belt. Saturday was the Morgantown Road Race, ABRA #1. Mr. Petsko did not disappoint with this race. The course was slightly changed from last year to remove the somewhat dangerous section of Rt. 7 into Blacksville. Though the course was shorter there was even more climbing than last year, which already had lots of vertical. There was also another fine turn out of racers for this challenging course with 250 pre-reg. riders and even a waiting list.

The members of MoTown Velo to make it to this race were Tim, Sean and myself. Others had to work on Saturday, bummer. Tim and I arrived early to Mt. Morris and scored a VIP spot close to the registration tents. We quickly got signed in to avoid the line of people that was sure to follow. Then we settled in and watched people roll in. It was cool to see a lot of folks that I haven't seen since the end of last race season. It was a great day to just sit around and soak up the sun but we were there for some bike race'n so it was time to suit up in the team kits and start warming up the legs.

Quickly it was race time. The 1/2/3 class rolled out @ 12 then the 4/5 lined up. It was a large field with 75 races. At the start I was a lot further back in the group than I was comfortable with, almost all the way at the back. Not a good place to be in a 4/5 group with lots of eager but inexperienced riders. Saw a lots of bobb'n and weave'n but not misshapes. After the first large climb past Kirby I was able to pull a little further towards the front group and by the top I was in the second group. Next up was Mile climb were I was able to maintain and had the leaders within about 20 seconds. Once back in the valley I was in a group of about eight racers. I was happy to see another MoTown Velo jersey, Sean. The group tried to make a somewhat organized chase on the lead group which was within sight but had a sizable lead.

On the next climb I decided to test the climbing legs and cranked up the watts. I was able to put a gap on the group except WVU's Bala. We worked together on down to Rt. 218 and picked up another racer on chase down the leaders. Almost to Waynesburg our original group caught up to us (including Sean) and we jumped back in. Normally, I wouldn't drop a large chase group like that but I was using the race more as a training ride than a full on race. So you young racers out there remember you can conserve more energy in a larger group and save it for when you need it.

After Waynesburg I dropped my chain and spent over a minute trying to untangle my chain from my derailleur. I had lost my teammate and the group and my legs were feeling the burn from a week of hard rides. So, I put in survival mode and just enjoyed the rest of the ride. Mostly solo, which started to hurt with the strong winds.

I got caught by my closest competitor from the WVMBA series, Donald P. on the closing stretch on Big Shannon. There was nothing I could do about it. I stood up to close and cramped up wicked bad. I had a flash back from ACE last year. You got me again Don.

I had a great time but was totally spent. Luckily there were some yummy treats and sammiches from the new Rising Creek bakery in Mt. Morris to help me recovery.

Check out the results.

Less than 2 weeks till Big Bear. Sweet!