Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big Bear 2x12

For those of you that were bummed that the 24hrs of Big Bear didn't go down this year and didn't come to the new Big Bear 2x12 that took its place, you missed out. Mark did a great job promoting and organizing the race.

Motown Velo had some representatives there for the race. Steve and I competed in the Men's open class. It was a b-e-a-utiful day for a race, the sun was shining and the temps were warm. With the $1K winner take all payout, the event pulled in some quality talent. With that in mind Steve and I were optimistcally hoping for a top five finish and to have a good time.
Steve drew the short straw and had to do the first lap. There was no running start as we thought was going to happen, just a long pull up the gravel road going to the camp ground. Much better idea, running has no place in a mountain bike race. So we were set to do three 12+ mile laps.

Steve didn't have the greatest start off the gun but he made some good time up once in the woods passing a number of racers. He put down a good overall first lap on the pimp'n Trek Top Fuel and put us in 3rd place in the geared class just behind some smoke'n fast teams. I started out for my first lap. I chose to ride the Gary Fisher Hi-Fi 29er. I thought the big wheeled dueley would be a good weapon of choice for longer race at Big Bear. The trails were in great shape, dry and fast. I was pretty stoked that the long climb that is usually in most BB races was not going to be part of the course. I suffered too many time one that one. Instead, Mark decided to send us up a more gradual climb with a couple of short steeps thrown in.

I held my own during my lap, only got passed by one single speeder (Andy W.). I utilized the big ring as much as I could on that first lap. I finished up my first lap feeling pretty good and strong. Got Steve out on his second lap and to my surprise we were still in 3rd place.

So the day continued with Steve and I doing the 1x1 strategy. Some folks were doing two laps at a time but I noticed there second lap time were significantly slower than there first. My second lap felt better than my first. Everything felt smooth and seemed like I was hauling. I though I might come in just over the hour mark but ended up and couple minutes slower. Used the big ring more sparingly, guess that was the difference.

Started to storm during my second lap and the trail was a lil soggy for Steve's 3rd lap. I thought he might have some trouble keeping it on the trail since he had go fast tires not mud tires. He still managed a solid lap. So I was out on my 3rd and final lap and we were still in 3rd place. Just had to maintain and not get passed. It started out well but half way through I started to run out of gas. I don't think I fueled up enough during my break. I managed to drag myself to the finish line without getting passed.

So we finished up in 3rd place and we were super stoked. It was a great race and I had a good time but it was time for the real fun to start. Food from Monroe's Deli (Kingwood, WV), beer from Morgantown Brewing Company and good bluegrass music late into the night. It was a fun evening hanging out with my wife and son and lots of cool people who like to ride and race. All in all it was a great time, didn't miss the other 16 hours at all. We will be back next year.

Check out the results and our slide show for some pics.

see ya at the races,

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chief Logan

Well fans this one started early for myself , Jeremy and old Timmy. A long mostly fun filled drive down with Tim. The weather was spotty the whole way down. With many a turtle spottings. Finally got there and the weather looked to be holding off. Was cool and dry. Everyone got a good warm up in and J was already feeling the curse of Logan. He was feeling the cramps coming on. Old Timmy helped him work them out before the start. The experts lined up just as it started to spit a little rain. And off we went, J had a good start followed by Joey, Steve, Morgan and myself. The trails were fast and dry. This short beginning loop saw several mechanicals. First to go was Joey and Steve was stopped with him. Then I ran across Jeremy with a flat and I realized DANG I am leading. I was so pumped. I tried to stay on the gas and remain calm as well. Sometimes a hard thing to do, but the faithfull Top Fuel kept me on track. About half way through the sky opened up and the real rain came. Not to worry though. The trails were well drained and hard packed. I managed to hold on to the lead and get my first expert win. J was there to meet me as I rolled in. His race didn't go as well. He double flatted and cramped up badly. Also heard that Timmy broke his chain on the course. Was a bit worried about that, but he managed and came in running. Turns out he ran just about half the course. Way to go little buddy. He ended up with a 5th place finish.

All and all Logan had some great trails and the park was awesome with plenty of things to do. Well worth a weekend get away. Also hope to see you at the up coming Big Bear 2 x 12. Myself and Josh will be taking it on. Wish us luck.