Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's been awhile

Well fans it has been a bit of time so I will get ya up to date. Way back when we had a little race at big bear, Wvmba #2. Had some pretty good conditions and the course was a bit different. The cooler weather was a welcome relief compared to Mountwood. Everything was going pretty well for myself till I decided to take a wrong turn for a bit, hehehe. Just perhaps I will stop doing this sooner then later. Was a big turn out so the brothers Row didn't do to bad. J got 4th and myself 6th. I was pretty pleased with this, but had plenty of room to get it together. Next up was Tour de lake, Wvmba #4.
Once again it was HOT HOT HOT. Had a much smaller turn out. The start went well for the brothers. Got up the hill 1, 2 and without hast took wrong turns, lol. I recall doing something very close to that in the last race. At any rate we finally got it together and worked our way to the front. I must say Nate I was looking for you. I got 1st and J took 2nd. All and all not to shabby.
Look for J at the up coming 2 x 12 at big bear and wish him luck with Cassie Smith. I'll try and have a timely update for that one.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mount Wood

Yarrrrrr, the racing just kicked off this past weekend. I must say some warm dry weather was rather nice to see for this one. All be it, it did take a toll on many of us the farther and harder we went. The Rowand brothers had a pretty good showing. I found myself in 3rd after the start and was so happy. Then the Chappy monster got my tire. Lets hope he doesn't stick around. The sport field was rounded out pretty nice with Adam, scott, tim, and matt. Was a good time. Here are the teams results.

Steve 5th
Jeremy 8th
Adam 5th
Scott 12th
Matt 18th
Tim 27th

Hope to see everyone at big bear this weekend for a bit of different weather. Hopefully no heat strokes.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blue hole

Yarrrr. Well it has been a bit, but not to long. The Rowands and a few friends headed out for the lovely blue hole ride this past weekend on cross bikes. Our one and only Chappy even came out of retirement to ride with us a bit. The weather was perfect for a hard long ride. The group split at Masontown and left myself and J to hurt each other. When all was said and done we collected 64 tough man miles. A needed refueling was had at town, with burgers and beer.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Holy Cow, it has been a long time.

Yarrrrrrr, it has been a very long time. We are alive and doing well. Most of the team has been working hard to hit that magic 200 in time for spring. The weight goes on to easy during winter. The brothers Row got out today to soak up a bit of mud and sun with some friends. I'll try and keep a post coming once a week from here on out. Here are a few pictures from the championship race and today. Enjoy and keep the rubber side down.