Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Little Beaver + Lots O Fun

This past weekend was the WVMBA #9 race at Little Beaver. A bit of a drive, but well worth it. The weather was great and the course was fast. The team did well. Results are as follows.

Jeremy 2nd
Stephen 4th

Tim 3rd

Hope to see you all at Black Bear this coming weekend.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Blackwater and Candyland, ONE GOOD DAY

Black water was tough, but we made it. Temps were good and the trail was fast, with lots O ROCKS. Came home with two state champs. J in expert and Tim in sport. Ended it all with a good old trip to Candyland on the way back.

Jeremy 2nd
Stephen 9th
Sean 12th

Tim 1st
Scott 9th

Hope to see ya at the little beaver this weekend.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Phillippi Revisited!!

So a few weeks back the gang headed down to Phillippi for the Race to Lil Moe's. The whole gang was their as the weather was warm and the trails were dry. Josh had Jeremy and Stephen with him while Sean, Matt and Anthony rode down together. I was the last to arrive as I napped in and a slumber I did sleep. I was anxious to actually finish a race! And finish without running my bike across the finish line. The last couple of races had been tough for myself as I DNF at Spencer and my chain broke at Logan.

Stephen finished 4th. Sean 7th. Jeremy ran into some trouble along the course and after a couple flats decided to go swimming since it was so hot. In the Sport class is was a fast race from the beginning and I edged out 2nd place by 15 seconds to get 1st while Matt came in 4th. I got some sweet handlebars which I promptly had Stephen through on for me down at the shop (Wamsleycycles). In the Beginner race Anthony came in 9th for a top ten finish. I think me and Anthony came away with some scratches, but I recovered with my paper towel and packing tape as a bandage.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

1st Motown Velo Easy Rider

Awesome turn out. In total, 16 riders rolled out of the skating rink
parking lot for the inaugural Friday Easy Rider. MoTown Velo Team
members Jeremy, Scott, Matt, Anthony, and myself were present to help
guide. Some of the riders included the Pathfinder crew of (Dave, Kate,
Shane and Steve), Brice, Dawn, Marvin and his son, Steve from
Delaware, and Josh, Derek, and Zack? Bare with me, I will get better
with the names. We warmed up by crossing "the middle" section on the
crushed gravel trail and proceeded to the climb behind the school.
After a regroup at the bottom of that climb, we split into two groups
and slipped around on the wet single track all through out the park.
After about 45 minutes and not too many technicals, the two groups re-
joined and rode back to the parking lot together. From there Jeremy
led a couple of the more experienced riders on a "hot lap" of the
park. A fun ride with fun people, can't ask for more than that. See
you next week!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Animal sightings and Valley Falls results

Sorry for the delay in the postings. The race was plenty hot and fast, along with those it was painfull. All in all a good time. Mr. Martin put on a great race, with all sorts of food and prizes. Here are the team results.

Jeremy 2nd
Stephen 5th
Sean 9th

Tim 5th
Scott 10th

Hope to see you in Blackwater this weeend for the State Championship race. And give Josh some motivation to put pictures up.
Check out the slide show for some fine action photos. Josh

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Recent Results June/July

June was a kind of slow month on the race scene for MoTown Velo. But the good news is July is here and the action is heating up along with the temperatures. There are a couple of results to cover since our last post on the Big Bear 2x12.

A couple guys (Matt & Scott) did the 20 mi. version of the Wayne Ultra and went 1/2 on the podium. Well done. Results

Last weekend there were 2 races on tap. Saturday was the APRRS #5, Barbour DeTour road race in Philippi, WV. A few team members were able to make the race but many had to miss out since it was a dang Saturday race. That's all I'll say about that, for now. The DeTour is a mostly rolly route that heads south out of Philippi on Rt.250 then onto Rt.92 to Belington and back to downtown Philippi. This race is all about the finish which is a screaming down hill into town and a sharp right then left and a short sprint to the line. I found myself riding the wheel of the smart riding Robbie L. (Dynamic Therapy) coming into the finish. We were hovering around the front and then Robbie saw the chance to go and I held his wheel till he put out all he could then I stood up and put the hammer down. I got a nice gap on the field but there was a long way to go for the finish. Got passed by one guy just before the sharp right but I was able to hold off the rest of the field to grab second in the 4/5. Big shout out to Robbie for the excellent lead out, he's a crafty dude and always a wheel to watch. Sorry I couldn't hold on for the win buddy. Wow, my new Trek Madone really put a grin on my face. I had to hold on when I took off on the sprint because it was like a rocket ship. WEEEEEEEEEE! Results

The next day on Sunday took the team back to Philippi for the WVMBA #6, Race to lil Moe's Place. Sunday was a scorcher with temps. up in the 90's. The race venue was in an open field with no shade trees around. Good thing we had the pop up tent (compliments of Wamsley Cycles) to hide us from the sun. The course was a twisty single track that starts down by the Tygart River then cuts up the hill and steps up to the top and then snakes back down going back and forth across the contour. The trails had a little bit of everything thrown in. Fast single track, climbs, rocks, switchbacks. Fun, fun, fun. The top expert finisher from MTV was Stephen with a forth place finish. The top sport rider was Timmy with his second victory of the year, way to go kid. Check out the results.

Next on tap is Valley Falls and the WV Championship race.

See ya at the races,